Arrow Coffee at Café Asia and Boutiques

Arrow Coffee at Café Asia and Boutiques

Last month we had the honour of being the coffee supplier of choice at two of the leading events in Singapore; Boutiques Fair and Café Asia. Being an online distributor of quality capsule coffee, we know how important it is to meet with new and existing clients. Nothing is more satisfying than to hear from our clients how much they enjoy the perfect crema and exquisite flavours of Arrow Coffee.

Finding the perfect cup of coffee, whether it is being drunk morning, noon or night has become an obsession for many. This was one of the driving forces in launching Arrow Coffee; to source great tasting Nespresso compatible coffee capsules, at an affordable price.

Key to the success at the recent fairs was the ability to showcase through tasting, that providing a cheaper capsule alternative to Nespresso® does not mean coffee quality is in any way compromised. One of the fundamental elements to Arrow Coffees success has been the quality assurance in both the superiority of the coffee we buy and in the ease of stocking and restocking your home. Here are just some of the comments we received from our new clients;

“I am delighted I switched to Arrow Coffee. It is delicious, delivery is super fast and it is so much cheaper. What’s not to like!?” – Lorraine Fagan

“My new favourite. It is a great coffee; tasty, rich and working like a glove with the Nespresso® machine. In my weaving workshops I serve Arrow Coffee and everybody absolutely loves it” – Hila Eshel

“Very good aroma coffee capsules. Great quality with good services at an affordable price.” – Lawrence Koh

“Uncovered! New kid on the block. More than just a pretty package.  Great taste and a perfect fit for your Nespresso machine.” – Cynthia Low Abelsen 


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